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Welsh Racketlon tournament

Sat 20th Feb, 12-7pm

David Lloyd, Cardiff, CF23 9AQ

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A Racketlon is a sport lover’s dream. It requires competitors to play opponents in one set of table tennis, badminton, squash and finally, tennis. Rather than just being four racquet games that have been combined together; Racketlon has become a sport in its own right. The contest is decided on a points system that counts all four sections of the tournament towards your final score. Anyone can compete in Racketlon regardless of age, gender or level. The Wales Racketlon is a friendly sociable competition and people of all abilities across the UK are encouraged to take part.

The Wales Racketlon

The Wales Racketlon has been going for five years. The Cardiff based event is held at the David Lloyd Club and invites competitors and spectators to attend from all across the UK. Categories at the Cardiff tournament are at all levels and include Over 55’s and Under 16’s as well as mixed doubles competitions. Last year over 80 competitors from more than ten countries came to compete giving the event an international flavour. There were over 20 doubles pairings which was a new Challenger record and we hope to see an even greater turnout in this year’s competition.


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Introducing our organisers

I first entered the tournament at David Lloyd back in 2011. The day was such an amazing success and the...

Our representatives

Dylan Thomas Leigh

Dylan Thomas Leigh

Age: 42 years old
From: Newport
Preferred sport: Tennis

“I’m inspired simply by being the best all-round player I can possibly be. I strive to continuously improve my game. I want to inspire people to have as much fun as possible by playing the decathlon of the racket world.”

Three words to describe himself:
Passionate, committed and industrious

Olivia Chivers

Olivia Chivers

Age: 15 years old
From: Barry
Preferred sport: Tennis

“I want to be the best that I can be. I love playing the wide variety of racket sports offered by competing in the Racketlon.”

Three words to describe herself:
Fun, fit and feisty.

Jordan Helyer

Jordan Helyer

Age: 23 years old
From: Barry Island
Preferred Sport: Tennis

“It really inspires me to watch the sport of Racketlon grow and seeing more people taking part and being competitive. The Welsh Racketlon is a superb event. The number of competitors is always impressive and the event always run’s smoothly.”

Three words to describe himself:
Competitive, intense and demanding

Tournament Details

Saturday 21/2/15 – Singles

Open men groups A,B,C and D
Open women groups A,B

Sunday 22/2/15 – Singles

Under 13’s boys and Under 13’s girls
Under 16’s boys and Under 16’s girls
Over 45’s men & Over 45’s women
Over 55’s men

Sunday 22/2/15 – Doubles

Mens Doubles A & B
Womens Doubles
Mixed Doubles A & B


There will be a prize fund that, by virtue of gender equality, will exceed the amount awarded at other higher-ranked European Racketlon tournaments.

Mens A’s and Womens A’s.
1st place – 300 euros
2nd place – 200 euros
3rd place – 100 euros
4th place – 50 euros

There will also be trophies for all 16 groupings and all entrants will also receive an event t-shirt.

There are a total of 16 groupings and there has to be a minimum of 4 players in each group. If there are less than 4 entrants for a group, then they are entered into another group. Everyone is guaranteed to play at least three matches. Whoever finishes highest will progress through the knockout stages.

Thanks to sponsorship, the entry fee for this tournament is reduced to £25 (£20 for Juniors) for singles and £15.00 for all doubles. Players applying for both singles and doubles will qualify for a reduced doubles entry fee of £10.00. Players can only enter ONE banded singles event and a maximum of THREE events in total.

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